The Lotus and the Artichoke (englische Ausgabe)

Vegan Recipes from World Adventures

Escape into other culinary worlds with 100+ delicious vegan recipes inspired by years of travels & adventures in nearly 40 countries!

Discover incredible Indo-Chinese delights, Indian feasts, Asian wonders, Italian, French, German and other exciting European classics, amazing African medleys, American family favorites, seductive sweets from around the globe, plus super-charged salads & snacks.

Some of the recipes:

• Veg Manchurian (Indo-Chinese)
• Chili Paneer-Tofu (Indo-Chinese)
• Eggplant Basil Coconut Curry (Thailand)
• Moroccan Stuffed Squash (Morocco)
• Masala Dosa and Sambar (South India)
• Veg Biryani (South India)
• Malai Kofta Curry (North India)
• Gobi Tikka - Cauliflower (North India)
• Persian Eggplant (Iran/Germany)
• Orange Tempeh Teriyaki (Hawaii/Japan)
• Mushroom-Tofu Stroganoff (Germany/Russia)
• Knödel & Rotkohl (Germany)
• Spätzle (Austria)
• Broccoli Quiche (France/USA)
• Spaghetti and Notmeatballs (Italy/USA)
• Smokey Zucchini Lasagna (Italy/USA)
• Cashew Mushroom Risotto (Italy/Germany)
• Seared Pears & Walnuts on Arugula (French/Canadian)
• Ginger Lemon Chickpea Sprouts (India/USA)
• Black Bean Burgers (USA)
• 3-Bean Cajun Chili (USA)
• African-Asian Red Curry (Kenya/Thailand)
• Mango and Pear Crumble (Germany/USA)
• Paradise Pineapple Pancakes (Thailand)
• and over 75 more recipe adventures!

»I was a thousand kinds of excited for The Lotus and the Artichoke! Now I can say: rightly so! There are over 100 recipes with photos, all sorted by continent. In each chapter Justin writes about his travels and the inspiration for the recipes. A fantastic idea – it fires up my appetite at least as intensely as my urge to explore far-off places!« – Sarah Kaufmann (Germany), author of Vegan Guerilla

»Because it’s a thrill to flip through the book and travel to other countries through the many different recipes. Because even though the dishes are exotic, the ingredients can be obtained without going around the world. Because the recipes are made with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices… Because you feel the passion and excitement that Justin had while traveling and composing this book.« – Franziska Schmid (Germany) Veggie Love

»Justin has an unmatched knack for veganizing both popular and obscure dishes from around the world. In The Lotus and the Artichoke, he demonstrates his flair for international cuisine with over 100 easy and flavorful recipes spanning the globe. All the mouth-watering food photos and riveting travel stories he includes are the icing on the cake.«
– Chef Amber Shea (USA), author of Practically Raw & Practically Raw Desserts

The Lotus and the Artichoke (englische Ausgabe)

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